Naivni Divadlo Liberec / Festival Materinka

Contact :

Stanislav Doubrava, Emeritus Director / Consultant

Michaela Homolová, Artisitc Director / consultant

Liberec, Tchéquie

À propos du diffuseur

About the programmer

MATEŘINKA is a festival of professional puppet theatres; the only one in the Czech Republic that focuses on performances for little children.

MATEŘINKA Festival has a long tradition dating back to 1972, when the first Czech national puppet festival was held in Liberec. The venue was (alternately ) the city of Liberec and České Budějovice. However, since 1991 Mateřinka Festival has been held every second year only in Liberec.

MATEŘINKA is a competitive festival. At the end, the expert jury awards performances of individuals in the most successful puppet productions.