Luna Morena & Festin de los Munecos

Contact : Miguel Angel Gutierrez, directeur

Guadalajara, Mexique

À propos du diffuseur

About the programmer

Luna Morena, an experimental puppet workshop was born in 2001 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, with the aim of promoting research, creation and dissemination of puppet art. For the company, the art of puppets represents a means of integral communication (which appeals to reason, emotionality, sensitivity and can touch human spirituality). Thanks to the laboratory work, Luna Morena begins a search through the fusion of different disciplines that make up the scene, trying to erase the barriers between these languages, in order to find a personal and universal discourse. Theater of figures (puppets, objects, shadows, masks), music, corporality and images complement each other creating dream worlds and a poetic that seeks to captivate contemplative and sensitive souls. As of 2005 he created the Feast of the Dolls, Guadalajara International Puppet Festival, which so far has 9 broadcasts.