Lize International Puppet Festival / Lize Puppet Art Colony

Contact : Chia-Yin CHENG, director

Lize, Corée du Sud

À propos du diffuseur

About the programmer

A revitalized barn in Yilan now hosts the very first art colony in Taiwan targeting contemporary puppetry. On the basis of Puppet and Its Double’s twenty-year effort in the area, it attempts to establish a fascinating creative space to explore the possibilities of puppetry, to provide interactive art-and-cultural experience, to organize performances and exhibitions, to educate, and so as to inspire everyone with the infinite imagination in the intriguing world of art.
As a global art colony newly established to popularize puppetry, Lìzé Puppet Art Colony is not merely an important cultural spot in Yilan but also a creative hub and training base for Taiwanese puppet artists to connect to the world. Equipped with the puppet exhibition, a professional puppet building workshop, artists’ studios, rehearsal halls, performance spaces, it is one of the largest multipurpose artistic spaces for contemporary puppetry.
The regular programs taking place here include artist-in-resident projects, puppetry workshops, masterclasses, collaboration projects, and an international network bringing performances from other countries together, followed by in-depth tours related to the art of puppetry and the Lìzé International Puppet Festival to make puppetry more accessible to Taiwanese of all ages and to make an impressive glocalized presence on the international space.