Little Shadow Productions

Contact : Jean-Marie Keevins, Producer

New York, États-Unis

À propos du diffuseur

About the programmer

Little Shadow Productions started to find its way in 2012 with the development of an original play called Zwerge. As the company was finding its footing in storytelling with a focus on social justice issues, the entertainment industry, particularly the world of puppetry, was suffering. The following year, Adventures of Liverwurst Girl was born. When Wyatt Cenac came knocking in 2014, Little Shadow put together a team to design, build and perform the puppets for his highly anticipated Netflix special, “Wyatt Cenac’s Brooklyn”. It was at this point that Little Shadow officially became established as a producing entity in the puppet world.

All along though, Jean Marie had a larger vision for Little Shadow. Puppets both large and small will always be part of our DNA, but it is the people around them and that we are trying to reach that are now our focus. Whether the storytelling take place through entertainment, workshops, or coaching, Little Shadow is there to help you look at your life. We’re not interested in taking up a lot of space, we’re interested in holding space for stories and services that must be shared. We are not interested in taking credit, we want to be there to shine some light. Our playmaking, screenwriting and general creative storytelling remains.