Salim Hammad

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Salim Hammad

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13 ans


5476, rue Cartier Montréal, Québec, H2H 1X9

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Conception et fabrication, Création – dramaturgie, écriture, direction artistique, Manipulation et interprétation, Événementiel – animation, intervention-médiation


Salim an Algerian in Quebec. Puppeteer and clown since 1999. He has been trained by clown masters, puppeteers and mimes.

He finds inspiration in tales and every’s stories to bring life to puppets and objects. His passion is to gather people around a good laughter and food for thought.

He plays one-man shows and along with company; L’Illusion Théâtre de Marionnettes, Cirque Du Soleil, Les Sages Fous.

He collaborated to animation movies with National film board of Canada and Warner Bros (Higglety Pigglty Pop, Tying Your Own Shoes).

He tours in schools, theaters, festivals of Europe and North America, for children as well as for adults.

“I was looking for garlic, I found pistacchio!” his new show; an adaptation of Christian Andersen’s tale “The nightingale”.

Infos additionnelles

« We believe in the vital role of clowns as truth tellers, entertainers, subversives and communicators in the arts, in society and across the world. Clowning is about communicating truth in its purest, rawest form. (Rf. Angela De Castro, directrice de “The Why Not Institute”, London.)


“Je cherchais de l’ail, j’ai trouvé des pistacches !” ; “Le dernier arbre” “Un smoothie aux bananes !” ; “La marche de Gustave” ; “Une affaire décourageante” ; “Une histoire de famille”

Spectacles disponibles

The Nightingale, The walk of Gustave, Hep Chef.