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Répertoire des membres / Individu

Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw

Occupation :

chanteuse/chanteur, compositrice/compositeur, marionnettiste, musicienne/musicien

Services offerts :

Enseignement, Interprétation & manipulation

Spécialité, domaine d'activité :

Théâtre de papier


Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw is a musician and multidisciplinary artist. Alongside formal degrees in piano performance, Alexandra honed (and continues to hone) her skills in singing, composing, visual and puppetry arts. 

Her recent pieces include Song/Book, a solo performance that pairs her Yiddish folk song arrangements and handmade artist books that come to life on stage; Ava’s House, a multidisciplinary work for soprano and toy theatre box; and Songs That Shan’t Be Named, a co-creation with Chloe Hart, Brittany Rae, and Cara Roy, for two sopranos and two contemporary dancers, body percussion, and shadow theater techniques, made possible with support from the CALQ and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Alexandra lives in Montreal. In her free time, you may find her taking long walks in the city, reading graphic novels, or coaxing her windowsill of plants to stay alive, just a little bit longer.

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