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2 - 5 août 2024

Lieu : SpringWorks Festival 2024
Stratford, Ontario

Public cible : Enfance (8 à 12 ans), Jeunesse (13 à 16 ans), Adultes
Langue(s) : Sans Paroles, les paroles des chansons sont en yiddish, mais il n'y a pas d'autres textes

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À propos

Song/Book is a multidisciplinary performance piece that combines live and pre-recorded music, arrangements of Yiddish and American folk songs, recorded voices, and a series of hand-made  artist books and crankies.

A short-form solo work of 23 minutes, Song/Book intersperses five folk song arrangements and one original composition for piano and recorded voices. Each song has its accompanying visual component: a hand-made book, in which each page slowly turns to illustrate the song lyrics; a crankie box that winds along; and finally, shadow silhouettes illuminated and manipulated on stage. 

A small projector, attached to a wire camera, magnifies the small details of the books into wall-sized projections, while adding another visuospatial dimension to the mise en scene. 

Date de création : 19 novembre 2022

Lieu de création : Brest, France

Disctinctions :

Prix Cécile Viggiano 2022 (Festival OUF à Montréal)

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