2023-2024 Workshops

The AQM’s mandate is to develop training programs in puppetry for professional and emerging artists, as well as cultural workers interested in or practicing the 11th art.

The Professional Development has allowed us, for years, to live unforgettable experiences. The collaboration with Intervention-Compétences, gives the puppeteers the chance to have access to masters in puppetry. These profesionnals come from all over Quebec, but also from France, Germany, England and others. These courses cover a wide range of subjects, from manufacturing to manipulation, including video production, music, object theatre, shadow theatre and several related disciplines.

You will find in this page the catalogue of the AQM’s continuing education renewed each year as well as the puppet arts training offered by our members.

Take a look at our Archived Training section to consult the list of internships offered since 2005 as well as the albums on our Facebook page.

Conception et fabrication de masque avec technique de papier japonais

friday, october 13 to sunday, october 15, 2023

Montreal, Quebec
Regional component

Le théâtre de papier de Pensée Visible

monday 6 to wednesday 8 november 2023

Montreal, Quebec
Regional component

Jeu et interprétation pour marionnettistes

monday 13 to thursday 16 november 2023

Montreal, Québec
Multiregional component


Past workshops

L’acteur face à l’objet

sunday 23 to wednesday 26 july 2023

Saguenay, Quebec
Multiregional component