2021-2022 Fundraising Campaign

For the past 40 years, AQM has brought together puppetry artisans and created a space filled with a sense of community and sharing where members can develop a sense of belonging and get involved.

As such, AQM fosters and promotes the practice of this major and essential art form by holding training activities, conferences, symposiums, publications and artist residencies.

AQM is based at the Maison internationale des arts de la marionnette, which it co-founded with Casteliers.

In collaboration with the Portail des arts de la marionnette (created by the Institut international de la marionnette in France), AQM is currently developing a Canadian network that targets the discoverability of puppetry artists and artworks. This digital portal will ensure the preservation of a multifaceted heritage by promoting a synergy between heritage institutions, creative artists and research activities. It is a formidable tool of cultural outreach that boosts the visibility of puppetry on the Internet.

AQM is a chapter of UNIMA-Canada, a national center of the oldest artists’ association in the world. As a result, AQM is actively involved in many national and international cooperation projects.

Your donations help support the vitality of this community, which has been weakened by the pandemic crisis and has shown extraordinary resilience in the face of adversity.

AQM would like to thank the Conseil des arts de Montréal for its fiscal sponsorship program which enables it to carry out its artistic activities.

GOAL FOR 2021-2022 : $ 5 000

$ 4 087


Thanks to our donors!


Sabrina Baran, Sofiane Belaid, Emmanuelle Calvé, Marie-Claude Daoust, Maude Gareau, Daniel Granger, Marcelle Hudon, Charlie Julien, Alain Lavallée, Stella Leney, MétaD.Média, Sara Moisan, Francis Monty, Motus, Marionnettes & Théâtre, Alan Payon, Vincent Ranallo, Wendy Reid, Théâtre du Renard, Geneviève Therrien and Pierre Tremblay.

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Fiscal sponsorship

AQM is supported by the Fiscal Sponsorship program of the Conseil des arts de Montréal. Donations of more than $50 to the Conseil des arts de Montréal are eligible for a tax receipt sent by the Conseil.

Donations between $1 and $49

Donations under $50 are not eligible for a tax receipt. However, all donations are important! Whether it is $5, $25, $40 or $5000, your contribution is invaluable and will help support AQM’s activities.