Marionnettes Magazine

Marionnettes is intended to be both a platform and a showcase for the current practice of puppetry. Each issue of this publication offers original content that reflects and echoes the concerns and issues that animate the artistic milieu and life in the association.



// Puppet houses around the world

  • MIAM, our house for puppetry arts, a word from Brigitte Vincent, AQM general coordinator.
  • House, sweet house, word of the editor-in-chief, Michelle Chanonat

// Dossier: The puppet houses in the world

  • La maison internationale des arts de la marionnette: From dream to reality, Michelle Chanonat
  • The puppet house in Tournai: For the recognition of art, Michelle Chanonat
  • The TOPIC in Tolosa: A gift for puppeteers, Lucile Prosper
  • The Center for Puppetry Arts of Atlanta: The Muppet Kingdom, Lucile Prosper
  • Kathputli Colony, India: An open-air house, Denise Babin

// Marionnet territories

  • The Puppetmongers, dream vendors, Marthe Adam
  • World of OUF!, Jocelyn Sioui!
  • UNIMA, a community without borders, Sabrina Baran

// Artists’ Views

  • Go and see what’s left of me, Josée Babin.
  • The Mad Wise Men in the Nordic Countries, Jacob Brindamour
  • Between Canada and Mexico City, Dany Lefrançois
  • Ubus Theatre: Brazil by bus, Agnès Zacharie