Marionnettes magazine

Marionnettes is intended to be both a platform and a showcase for the current practice of puppetry. Each issue of this publication offers original content that reflects and echoes the concerns and issues that animate the artistic milieu and life in the association.

Summary of the 2023-2024 Marionnettes magazine edition

Going solo

  • A human environment as a figure of resistance, by Vincent Ranallo, AQM General Coordinator
  • We couldn’t say that now…, by Michelle Chanonat, Editor-in-Chief

// Dossier : Puppets strong and free!

  • The one you manipulate with raised fist, Michelle Chanonat
  • The good-natured dirision of Ronnie Burkett, Denise Babin
  • Pupulus Mordicus: thriving on irreverence, Françoise Boudreault
  • We tacitly accepted that art would liberate us, Samuel Kaczorowski

// Exploring the puppetry scene

  • Tim Gosley, instinct and virtuosity, Marthe Adam
  • Radical puppetry: the Bread and Puppet Theater, Isabelle Chrétien
  • UNIMA : solidarity, celebration and reunions, Sabrina Baran

// Through the artist’s lens

  • That magic moment, Martine Beaulne
  • Robert Lepage: life is there if you know how to grasp it, Michelle Chanonat
  • From still life to living matter Olivia Faye Lathuillière