Marionnettes magazine

Marionnettes is intended to be both a platform and a showcase for the current practice of puppetry. Each issue of this publication offers original content that reflects and echoes the concerns and issues that animate the artistic milieu and life in the association.



Puppetry and digital arts: combining the practical and the pleasant

  • A dynamic centre, by Vincent Ranallo, AQM General Coordinator
  • We can’t stop progress, but it can stop us!, by Michelle Chanonat, Editor-in-Chief

// Dossier: Puppetry and digital arts: combining the practical and the pleasant

  • On digital philosophy, Michelle Chanonat
  • Let’s see those hashtags!, Jean-Robert Bisaillon
  • Puppetry and digital arts: transformation, creation and change, Isabelle Chrétien
  • The PAM, an exemplary tool, Michelle Chanonat
  • Crafting digital technology, Lucile Prosper

// Exploring the Puppetry Scene 

  • Margareta Niculescu, a remarquable artist, Marthe Adam
  • Théâtre de l’Avant-Pays’ journey, Isabelle Chrétien
  • UNIMA: Celebrating the past with an eye on the future, Sabrina Baran

// Through the Artist’s Lens

  • The question, the material and the tool, Julie Desrosiers
  • The slow movement of object-things, Daniel Danis
  • Imagining infinite possibilities, Antoine Laprise