Marionnettes magazine

Marionnettes is intended to be both a platform and a showcase for the current practice of puppetry. Each issue of this publication offers original content that reflects and echoes the concerns and issues that animate the artistic milieu and life in the association.

Summary of the 2021-2022 Marionnettes magazine edition

Going solo

  • At 40, celebrating art and the world, by Vincent Ranallo, AQM General Coordinator
  • Solitaires d’abord, solidaires ensuite, by Michelle Chanonat, Editor-in-Chief

// Dossier : Going solo

  • The puppet solo, a singular and plural form, Isabelle Chrétien
  • The paradoxes of working solo, Michelle Chanonat
  • Solos: what guides presenters’ choices?, Lucile Prosper
  • Let’s listen, Carl Veilleux

// Exploring the puppetry scene

  • Creating during a pandemic, Isabelle Chrétien
  • The art of puppetry according to Luman Cold, Marthe Adam
  • UNIMA: dynamic and supportive, Sabrina Baran

// Through the artist’s lens

  • The call, a Comic by Mélanie Baillairgé
  • Mononk Jules, creative diary, Jocelyn Sioui
  • Heartfelt pleas, Pierre Robitaille
  • Room for dreams and wonder, Karine St-Arnaud