In 1980, a group of puppeteers from Québec attended the UNIMA Congress in Washington. This event inspired the dream of creating an association of puppeteers devoted to the recognition and development of the art of puppetry in Québec. In September 1981, the dream became reality. The Association québécoise des marionnettistes (AQM) was born thanks to the hard work of its founders and first board of directors : Pierre Tremblay (president), Josée Campanale, Jacynthe Potvin, Michel Ranger and André Viens.

1981: 1st board of directors of the Québec Association of Puppeteers.
From left to right: André Viens, Jacynthe Chabot, Michel P. Ranger, Josée Campanale et Pierre Tremblay.



  • AQM foundation



  • Symposium on puppetry in educational, cultural and social settings and collaboration with the Perfectionnement des Maîtres au primaire program at Université Laval



  • Professional workshop for puppeteers with Jan Dvorak from Drak Theatre (Czechoslovakia), in collaboration with UQAM and Canada’s Council for the Arts



  • AQM becomes a member of UNIMA International
  • Participation in Montreal’s International Puppet Festival



  • AQM registers as the « UNIMA Center for Québec »
  • Events in schools, in collaboration with Québec’s Ministries of Cultural Affairs and Education



  • Seminar on puppeteer, copyrights and royalties
  • Collaboration to a special edition about puppetry in Jeu magazine
  • Collaboration to the exhibition Le grand monde de la marionnetteat the Musée de la civilisation (Québec City)
  • Production of a video on puppet making



  • Publication of a guide of resources for puppetry professionals (Guide de ressources pour les intervenants dans le domaine de la marionnette au Québec)
  • Publication of a socio-economic analysis of the field of puppetry in Québec (Analyse socio-économique du secteur de la marionnette au Québec) with support from Québec’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs
  • Organization of a conferences cabaret during World Puppetry Week in Jonquière



  • Publication of a study on puppet show and touring (Étude sur la diffusion de spectacles de marionnettes)with support from Québec’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs
  • Celebration around the presentation of master’s theses by puppeteer colleagues Marthe Adam and Johanne Rodrigue.



  • Creation of 8 model contracts for puppeteers, with financial support from Québec’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs
  • Participation in World Puppetry Week in Jonquière
  • Creation of the Québec/Charleville-Mézières committee



  • Redaction and publication of 8 model contracts for puppeteers, accompanied by a user guide.
  • First «Cottage meeting» a moment of exchange between AQM members, initiated by Peter Baran from l’Illusion, Théâtre de marionnettes
  • Events in schools, in collaboration with Québec’s Ministries of Cultural Affairs and Education
  • SODEC funding obtained to conduct a feasability study on the Québec/Charleville-Mézières project



  • AQM’s bulletin becomes La Marionnette en manchette, and its reach now extends to the national and international levels.



  • Participation in World Puppetry Week in Jonquière



  • AQM is incorporated as a non-profit (OSBL)
  • Creation of the website (www.aei.ca/~aqm)
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Marcellina Jugurneau and Florentin Duse, Romanian puppeteers
  • AQM’S UNIMA councillors present at UNIMA’s 17th Congress in Budapest
  • Claire Voisard is elected to UNIMA’s Executive Committee
  • Preparation of the Québec content for World Encyclopedy of Puppetry Arts (Encyclopédie mondiale des arts de la marionnette) published by UNIMA
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Dominique Violette, artistic director artistique of World Puppetry Week in Jonquière



  • Creation of the AQM 2000 Committee
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Alain Lebon, CIRK’UBU (France) and Francesco Di Marchi (Facteur de Masques)
  • Active collaboration on the organization of World Puppetry Week in Jonquière and tribute to Pierre Régimbald and Nicole Lapointe
  • First participation in the CQT meetings around World Theatre Day, under the theme « the first time I animated a puppet »
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Ronnie Burkett (Alberta).



  • Développement of the International section of the website
  • Consultation among members about professional training needs
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Fabrizio Montecchi from Gioco Vita company (Italy)
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Marthe Adam, artistic director of World Puppetry Week



  • Work begins on the book Portrait des marionnettistes du Québec
  • The two UNIMA councillors for Québec take part in the UNIMA Executive Committee meeting in Bucarest (Romania)
  • Claire Voisard is nominated as President of the UNIMA 200 Commission
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» on writing for puppetry with five playwrights : Gérard Bibeau, Marie-Louise Gay, Joël da Silva, Marie-Christine Lê-Huu and Claire Voisard
  • Five companies take part in the celebrations of World Theatre Day, organized by the CQT
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Grégoire Callies, director of the Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace-Strasbourg
  • Active collaboration to organizing World Puppetry Week and to the tribute to puppeteer Micheline Legendre
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Alain Moreau and Caroline Bergeron from TOF, Théâtre de Bruxelles



  • 50 puppeteers from 18 different companies take part in the Défilé de la Fête nationale
  • Both Québec councillors take part in the Executive Committee meeting of UNIMA International in Olinda (Brazil)
  • AQM takes part in celebrations of World Theatre Day at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique
  • During Les Coups de Théâtre Festival, launch of Parcours de l’imaginaire, a publication in three languages
  • «Cottage meeting» to prepare the 18th UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Week
  • 18th UNIMA Congress : an important Québec delegation is present, containing artists and cultural workers as well as a mission from Canada’s Council for the Arts
  • Claire Voisard is re-elected to UNIMA’s Executive Committee
  • Micheline Legendre is nomitated as honorary member of UNIMA International.

2000 -2001


  • Active collaboration to the World Puppetry Week events and to the tribute to puppeteer Felix Mirbt
  • Presence of two AQM board members at the 12th Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes in Charleville-Mézières (France)
  • Organization of a «Cottage meeting» with Jean Kaplan, director of Festival Marionnettissimo at Muret (France)
  • Louise Lapointe, UNIMA Canada councillor, is nominated to sit on the International Festivals Commissions at UNIMA-International. She takes part in the first meeting of the Commission in June 2001, in Liberec (Czech Republic)
  • AQM temporarily moves its office in the space of Théâtre de l’Avant-Pays.



  • Organization of the Symposium «Puppetry Encounters» : conference by Margareta Niculescu, UNIMA president, and video conference by Basil Twist
  • Publication of Marionnette en manchette 2001 : The AQM celebrates its 20th anniversary! (edited by José Babin)
  • AQM moves into the office space of Théâtre Incliné
  • Louise Lapointe, UNIMA councillor, takes part in a meeting of the Festivals Commissions in Charleville-Mézières (France)
  • International representation by Jacques Trudeau, UNIMA Canada councillor, in Mexico and Spain
  • Work begins on the AQM video archive, now a CD-ROM



  • AQM hires a General Coordinator
  • «Cottage meeting» about international touring for Théâtre Sans Fil
  • First World Puppetry Day (Marc 21) : advertising in the media and radio interviews
  • Louise Lapointe, UNIMA councillor, takes part in a meeting of the Festivals Commissions in Bochum (Germany)
  • International representation by Jacques Trudeau, UNIMA councillor : at the Executive Committee meeting in New Delhi (India), and during the Québec-Mexico mission at the Festival Internacional Titerias à Guanajuato (Mexico)



  • Collaboration with RAPThéâtre (APTP, ACT, TUEJ, AQM) for the creation of common professionalization tools (Producteur 101, dissemination of the Guide du Passeur)
  • Creation of a weekly electronic bulletin, Le Fil d’Ariane
  • Improv matches and AQM night to celebrate World Puppetry Day (March 21, 2004), World Theatre Day (March 27, 2004) and Journées de la Culture (September)
  • International : Presence of our UNIMA councillors at the Festival international des théâtres de marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières (France), at the 19th UNIMA Congress in Rijeka (Croatia), during which Jacques Trudeau was elected to the Executive Committee, and exchanges with Mexico.



  • CD-ROM Cédez à la marionnette! about the current state of puppetry in Québec
  • Publication of AQM Member Directory 2004
  • New website is put online!
  • UNIMA International Executive Council : presence of our UNIMA councillors and creation of the North America Commission
  • Reflections surrounding activities to celebrate AQM’s 25th anniversary in 2006
  • Creation of MOMI (Manipulations d’Objets et de Marionnettes Improvisées), AQM’s puppet improv league



  • Second batch (750 copies) of the CD-ROM Cédez à la marionnette!
  • Political action surrounding the impact of the boycott of cultural outings in schools
  • ASSITEJ-Montréal meeting : AQM organized memorable improv events during this congress of ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People



  • Marionnettes 2008 : Browse the World: And, in the works, on tour… and in thought (edited by Marine Van Hoof)
  • AQM moves into its new office space at La Cenne, on St-Laurent Boulevard
  • The Professional Training commitee is formed, with the mandate to work in close collaboration with the other organizations offering puppetry training in Québec to propose an offer in sync with the needs of the community
  • Publication of the AQM and UNIMA Canada member directory, Special 25th Anniversary Edition



  • Marionnettes 2009 : The 30 s: And, in the works, on tour… and in thought (edited by Catherine Ego)
  • Nomination of Isabelle Payant as UNIMA Canada President
  • Nomination of Magali Chouinard, UNIMA International councillor, on the Cooperation Commission
  • Nomination of Marthe Adam on the Publication and Professional Training Commissions at UNIMA International
  • Founding meeting of UNIMA Canada (Québec and Ontario chapters)
  • Exhibition featuring Québec puppeteers in Tolosa and Barcelona (Spain)
  • Publication of the exhibition catalogue



  • Various activities celebrating AQM’S 30th anniversary in 2011
  • Launch of the new AQM website, a collaborative platform and essential tool for building connections between members
  • Le Fil d’Arianebecomes an electronic newsletter
  • Creation of a questionnaire for companies and artists working in puppetry, as a basis for a report portraying the state of the field. The report would then serve to mobilize the community around specific discussion topics during AQM’s Symposium on Puppetry Arts
  • New committee formed to study the feasibility of creating an International Puppetry Centre through a collaboration between Casteliers and AQM.



  • Symposium on Puppetry Arts, December 1-3, 2011
  • Publication of the Symposium Acts, presenting a summary of the discussions and making a synthesis of the participants’ reflections and political revendications
  • Pubication of the Manifesto for Québec puppeteers
  • Marionnettes 2012 : Perspectives: Histoire et enjeux de la marionnette québécoise (edited by Philippe Couture)
  • AQM Night, June 13, 2012 : event organized with Jeu magazine whose latest issue contains a special segment on puppetry called Planet Puppet and edited by Raymond Bertin
  • May 27 to June 3, 2012 : 21st UNIMA Congress in Chegdu (China). Various members of AQM were present as guest artists or councillors.
  • May 2012 : AQM takes part in «Fresh Ideas in puppetry», an event that combines puppetry performances and professional discussions in Toronto, Canada. Madeleine Philibert, general coordinator for AQM, and Catherine Sirois, AQM board member, presented a summary of the Symposium on Puppetry Arts held in Montréal in December 2011
  • Publication of Enquête auprès du milieu québécois des arts de la marionnette, AQM’s first national enquiry into the situation of puppetry arts and artists in Québec. This enquiry looked into the situation of both individual artists and professional puppetry companies.



  • Updates on the AQM website. The member directory is improved and the website becomes bilingual.



  • Marionnettes 2013 : Touring Québec and the World (edited by Michelle Chanonat)



  • Marionnettes 2015 : Puppetry Conservation (edited by Michelle Chanonat)
  • Creation of the Family Portraits exhibition, a Québec-Belgium project on Québec puppeteers
  • March 2015 : International Casteliers Professional Networking Meeting
  • March 2015 : Meeting of the Publication Commission and the International Cooperation Commission (Project Kanguru), UNIMA International
  • June 2015 : Meeting of the International Festivals Commission during Festival Materinka in Liberec (Czech Republic)
  • July 2015 : Meeting of the Heritage Commission (UNIMA International) during FIAMS in Saguenay (Québec)



  • September 2015, Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes in Charleville-Mézières (France) :
    Promotional banner to make Québec artists visible at the festival
    Meeting of the International Festivals Commission and the Professional Training Commission
  • September 2015: UNIMA International 1st Conference on Training organized by Irina Niculescu assisted by Marthe Adam
  • October 2015 : Vernissage of the Family Portraits exhibition on Québec puppeteers in Mons (Belgium) during the event « Mons, capitale européenne de la culture »
  • March 2016 : International Casteliers Professional Networking Meeting
  • Postcards project to make visible Québec and Canadian puppeteers
  • June 2016 : Presence of the UNIMA Canada, Québec chapter councillors (Louise Lapointe, Sabrina Baran, Marthe Adam) at the 22nd UNIMA International Congress in Tolosa and San Sebastian (Spain)
  • June 2016 : Presentation of the Family Portraits exhibition at Tolosa’s TOPIC during the UNIMA Congress
  • August 2016 : Submission of a brief about the renewal of Québec’s Cultural Policy from 1992 (Mémoire sur le renouvellement de la politique culturelle du Québec de 1992), during public consultations organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communications



  • 2016 : Beginning of construction for the International House for Puppetry Arts (MIAM)
  • December 2016 : Meeting of the UNIMA-International Three Americas Commission (Havana, Cuba)
  • 35th anniversary of AQM’s foundation in 2016 : production of the video One gesture and matter comes to life
  • New AQM website with the addition of a « Shows » section where members can put their artistic offering for local and global touring
  • March 2017 : International Casteliers Professional Networking Meeting
  • European tour of the photo exhibition Family Portraits
  • Diffusion européenne de l’expositionPortraits de famille
  • June 2017 : UNIMA International 2nd Conference on Training organized by Marthe Adam, Paulo Balardim and Irina Niculescu, members of the Professional Training Commission



  • UNIMA-International : AQM members present at meetings of the International Festival Commission and Professional Training Commission.
  • September 2017 :Festival mondial des marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières (France) : gathering of Québec puppeteers present at the festival
  • March 2018 : International Casteliers Professional Networking Meeting
  • July 2017 :Festival international des arts de la marionnette à Saguenay(FIAMS) .
    AQM organized its firts Express Artistic Showcases followed by a networking cocktail
    Organization of a roundtable discussion about the state of touring for puppetry works in Québec.
    Presentation of the AQM photo exhibition Family Portraits on the festival site
  • Marionnettes Magazine 2017-18 : Puppetry Centers around the World (edited by Michelle Chanonat)
  • Marionnettes launch at Théâtre Aux Écuries (Montréal)
  • May 2018 : Roundtable discussion on the state of puppetry arts within contemporary theatre practice during the Carrefour international de théâtre de Québec
  • May 2018 : UNIMA International Council (Bochum, Germany)
  • Professional training : 5 workshops offered by AQM with support from Emploi-Québec
  • World Puppetry Day : Participation in a video project coordinated by UNIMA-International in which puppeteers from around the world speak in their own language : « Together we create the movement! »
  • AQM’s members get together to gift a Velvet Brick during the fundraising campain for MIAM



  • Official opening of Maison internationale des arts de la marionnette (MIAM) in Fall 2018
  • Open Door Event at MIAM during the Journées de la culture
  • First guided tour of MIAM for members and project partners
  • Micro-Festival de marionnettes innachevées des Sages Fous (Trois-Rivières) : cocktail for AQM members present at the festival
  • Halloween community event for local families at MIAM
  • Creation of the Popular University for Puppetry Arts (UPAM) by AQM’s Community Life committee.
  • Three sessions of UPAM:Adaptation – translation : the puppet and its language, by Antoine Laprise, December 2018 at MIAM;  How does puppetry serve a theatrical work? by Martin Genest, May 2019 at the Carrefour international de théâtre in Québec City; Puppets : tips, tricks, structures and mechanisms by Jean Cummings at MIAM
  • First Holiday Party for AQM members
  • Professional training : 6 workshops offered by AQM with support from Emploi-Québec
  • April 2019 : AQM obtains a new wage subsidy from Compétence Culture for the employee in charge of professional training coordination. The employee becomes a mutualized resource between AQM andCentre québécois de l’institut canadien des technologies scénographique (CQICTS).
  • March 2019 : International Casteliers Professional Networking Meeting
  • March 9, 2019 : Official opening of MIAM during Casteliers Festival
  • May 16, 2019 : Fundraiser night for MIAM
  • Departure of UNIMA Canada President Isabelle Payant
  • Nomination of Sabrina Baran as new UNIMA Canada President