Founded in 1981, the Association québécoise des marionnettistes (AQM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recognition and development of the puppetry arts. It brings together practitioners, companies and professional artists in the field, as well as cultural organizations and all those interested in the puppetry arts. The AQM carries out its actions with the aim of representing the profession, promoting its recognition by its peers and the general public, facilitating the circulation of information, creating professional training opportunities and promoting the presence of Quebec puppeteers on the national and international scene through its involvement in the International Union of Puppetry (UNIMA).

Puppetry is an ancestral art that participates in the evolution of contemporary artistic movements; the puppet honours matter and life, transposes reality, materializes dreams and affirms a world of things that think, imaginatively and poetically. Puppetry is a mature art form that can be used in many fields such as theatre, film, television and digital. Puppetry is a major art form, and Quebec artists of the field want to bring into light the special requirements related to their craft.

AQM ensures the presence of the puppet arts at the heart of cultural life in Quebec and elsewhere. A member of the AQM board sits on the Board of Directors of the Conseil québécois du théâtre (CQT) as well as on its Continuing Education and Community Animation committees.  Through delegates appointed on various boards of directors, the AQM carries out important representational work in Quebec. In organizations such as the Conseil québécois du théâtre, the Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en culture and the Quebec Drama Federation, it participates in major current debates and puts forward its members’ vision. At the Canadian and international levels, AQM sits on the Board of Directors of UNIMA-Canada as a representative of UNIMA-Canada, Quebec Chapter. It sends two of UNIMA-Canada’s three advisors to the various meetings of the international UNIMA, not to mention that several of its members sit on four of the organization’s 17 working commissions.



Place of meeting and stimulation

The AQM organizes various activities aimed at the development of the discipline: colloquia, thematic meetings, interviews and training sessions with foreign puppeteers visiting Quebec, improv nights, social gatherings, etc. The AQM organizes various activities aimed at developing the discipline.

Professional Development

In recent years, the emphasis has been placed on professional training, responding to a persistent demand from Quebec puppeteers to create opportunities to perfect their art by focusing on subjects such as manipulation, puppet making, dramaturgy and administration.

A source of information on the state of the art

For several years now, the Association québécoise des marionnettistes has been producing various magazines and a wide range of documents that illustrate Quebec’s puppeteer past and present, document the various events that have marked its history and bear witness to the realities, issues and dynamism of Canadian puppet practice..

International representation

Since 1986, AQM has been recognized by the Union internationale de la marionnette (UNIMA) as a UNIMA-Canada Centre (Quebec Chapter) and is represented by two advisors who actively participate in the work of this organization. The assiduous involvement of these delegates over the past 20 years has greatly contributed making Quebec puppeteers’ talent and creativity renowned around the world. These human connections between puppeteers from here and beyond are an essential way of remaining relevant in an era of artistic effervescence in our discipline.


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