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The International Puppet Theatre Festival – PIF (Pupteatra Internacia Festivalo) gathers the best-known international and Croatian puppet theatres and performances.

The arts of puppetry are presented and promoted through plays, exhibits, round tables and discussions, seminars, puppetry workshops, publishing activities and public street programs.

The PIF is organized by the Cultural centre Travno, an cultural institution that organizes various educational and cultural programs – concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, educational and popular workshops and seminars, lectures and courses in foreign languages.

It is specialized in programs and publishing in the field of puppetry.

49th PIF will take place from the September, 13th to September, 18th 2016 in the City of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia.

Visit the official web pages and read all about Culture center Travno, 49th International Puppet Theatre Festival – PIF  and ways of applying!

The deadline for registration is the February, 15th 2016.